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The MyCrewGuide layover guide is your "Crew Guide" to all of your DAL (including former NW) layovers. That's right...All of them, international as well as domestic. What kind of layover information are we talking about? Click here to see an example page. All layover information comes from you, the user, so we encourage you to use the "Update this hotel" link at the bottom of each layover page to tell us about your layovers. All layovers are password protected, so if you are an active, main line, DAL employee, you can register here. It is quick, easy and free. Click here to learn more about who we are and how MyCrewGuide works.

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Updated: 10-01-2014

MCG has hired a sales and marketing director to check out the restaurants you have recommended, and is negotiating even better discounts. IE. Lumpy's in SLC is now offering a 25% discount to all crews.

We hope that MyCrewGuide is a great resource for you. If you'd like to see a feature added to the site or if you have any suggestions for the site in general, please let us know here.

The login saga is finally over. If you couldn't login before, please try it now. We have completely overhauled the login system and it should work for everyone. If you still have a problem, please let us know here.

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